Lazy Days


Oh boy! After recovering from a nasty stomach bug last week I am starting to feel more like myself. One of my kids got sick and it passed on to me. Sharing is not caring when it comes to sickness. We were fully expecting the bug to make the rounds throughout the whole family but thankfully it did not.

So, now I finally have the strength to finish my magnets and actually get them photographed. I only managed to post a few on my Etsy shop but I feel like it is a great victory for me.

I went a few months without having any sort of inspiration for making the magnets. And it seemed like every crochet project I attempted was just not turning out right. On top of homeschooling the kids and keeping the house clean I just felt pretty rundown.

Yesterday, I started to get my energy back and happened to tell the kids that we are spending a great chunk of the day cleaning the house. You can probably guess what kind of reaction I received!

Hopefully later on today I will be able to work on some more magnets and get them posted.

That is all for now!