I have experimented with many types of textures, paper weights and even glitter. My tried and true material is Scrap Book Paper. It bonds with the glass easier and air bubbles can be smoothed to provide a near flawless finish. Scrap Book papers comes in a limitless number of patterns and colors. You can mix and match to create a set of magnets that is truly your own style. Most of the patterns I choose are based on how I feel at the time. They do not necessarily need to “match” but as long as they look good together then it is fine. Being able to customize patterns for dry erase boards, refrigerators or filing cabinets for the office adds a little personality to your space.
If you see a pattern or design on the website that you would like to see together in a set, you can direct message me and we can come up with something to fit your needs.


First Blog Post


Welcome SweetPea’s Stuff blog! For my first post I thought I would explain the type of magnets I use.

I attach glass pebbles to what is called a ceramic craft magnet. These are about the size of penny and are about 3/4″ round by about 1/4″ thick. They can usually hold about three pieces of paper securely to a surface such as a refrigerator or white board. I chose to work with this type of magnet because of its size. It is easier to maintain a firm grip on it and decrease the likelihood of it being dropDSC01587 (2)ped and possibly causing the glass to chip. There are many glass magnets being made with smaller and much stronger Neodymium type magnets. I believe that the stronger the magnet, the more hazard they can pose to younger children if they become detached. Caution should always be exercised when using magnets around kids because as anyone with young children can tell you, very young children put things in their mouths. As a mother I have tested all the magnets that are made, even custom orders, to ensure they perform well.

All magnets are made with the best care. Stay tuned for more designs coming soon!

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