Newest Creations

I have been working to get some new items up on the site. I finally was able to post them. There are a few more that I need to take photos of and get loaded.

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Lazy Days


Oh boy! After recovering from a nasty stomach bug last week I am starting to feel more like myself. One of my kids got sick and it passed on to me. Sharing is not caring when it comes to sickness. We were fully expecting the bug to make the rounds throughout the whole family but thankfully it did not.

So, now I finally have the strength to finish my magnets and actually get them photographed. I only managed to post a few on my Etsy shop but I feel like it is a great victory for me.

I went a few months without having any sort of inspiration for making the magnets. And it seemed like every crochet project I attempted was just not turning out right. On top of homeschooling the kids and keeping the house clean I just felt pretty rundown.

Yesterday, I started to get my energy back and happened to tell the kids that we are spending a great chunk of the day cleaning the house. You can probably guess what kind of reaction I received!

Hopefully later on today I will be able to work on some more magnets and get them posted.

That is all for now!



Supplies Oh My!

A couple of weeks ago I ordered glass pebbles to make more magnets. Unfortunately, I was not paying attention and I bought the wrong size!

It took about three weeks for the order to arrive. When I received it, I was a bit shocked. Despite the mistake I kept them and am trying to figure out what I will use them for. They are smaller than an inch and as you can see from the photo below that makes for a problem with my tool.


This is not the first time I did not pay attention when ordering. But this will be that last time. If anything I learned that paying attention will save me money and time.

I posted an article about beginner crochet mistakes a week or so ago. And in the post I confessed about my lack of patience when it comes to my projects. I get so excited when I work on something that I want to see the finished product right away. That does not always turn out so well. Back to the quote mentioned above, mistakes are apart of the learning process. As my product offerings increase so does my confidence in making them. Feedback from my customers has always been so helpful!

It has been a long slow journey and I have learned so much from my mistakes. I look forward to the future with much joy!

Common Crochet Mistakes That Beginners Make



If you have recently taken up crocheting as a hobby you no doubt have felt the frustration of having your project turn out to be disappointing. You may feel like giving up.The good news is there is nothing wrong with you. Making those mistakes is a good thing because you can learn from them and go on to create better projects.

When I first started learning how to crochet about five years ago, I went straight for complicated patterns. My thinking was that I could learn faster if I mastered a harder pattern, then the easier ones would be a breeze. How wrong I was!

There are so many free beginner crochet patterns on the internet. The best thing project to start with is a dishcloth. Yes, it sounds boring and is nothing like those cute baby blankets or amigurumi you want to dive right into. But I am here to tell you by experience just start with the dishcloth.

Aviary Photo_131268116001498814.png

I made this EVE character from the movie WALL•E barely knowing the basics of crochet. I followed a pattern that I found on the web and just went for it. My son feel in love with her and has kept it all these years. I on the other hand was upset with how bad it had come out.

Being the fast paced person I am. I  want everything done right now. But crochet does not work like that. Over the years I made a few more projects that my kids really enjoyed but I was not happy because I knew I could do better. About two years ago I made a cute amigurumi frappuccino for a friend of mine and she loved it. Again, I did not follow the pattern exactly but it came out OK. But it taught me that I need to have patience when crocheting.

So here we are 2 years later and I ready to really learn! Ready to dive in and make that dishcloth! I found a great article that will help you learn what you could be doing wrong and how you can fix it. I hope you find some value in it.

Click to read about the Five Common Crochet Mistakes and Tips for Beginners


New Designs


I have been meaning to post new designs but so many things have been happening that I have not had time to craft anything. Even my store is stagnant at the moment.

All of that will be changing very soon. I am purchasing some new supplies this weekend and will feature some new glass magnets as well as other different products.

Thank you for your support!

Glass Pebbles

Hello Reader,

For today’s blog post I decided to feature the type of glass I use for the magnets. These are simple glass pebbles that cDSC01602 (2)an be ordered from a craft website or purchased at most stores. As you can see from the picture that accompanies the post, there are small imperfections in the stone. This usually does not cause a problem when attaching the paper. Often times the cuts are not visible and do not detract from the final result.

These glass pebbles are pretty hardy as well. With three kids in the house, magnets are dropped from time to time but we never had one actually shatter. All of the magnets I make have been tested and used in my home under many conditions. When you purchase a glass magnet from me you can be sure that your product will be durable. At this time the magnets are not waterproof but you can wipe the glass stone with a damp cloth to clean them when necessary.

Thanks for reading!


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