My little shop is named for my three kids. They love to sit with me while I create and plan patterns. I get my advice from them and they even test out each magnet to make sure it is top quality.

So, why magnets? I have been on the hunt, endlessly searching for magnets that I can use to hold up the endless drawings that my children create or even to hold up important reminders in places that I can see them. Mainly that place would be the fridge as I frequently am in the kitchen. I do have dry erase boards that have cork on the bottom that allows me to tack up items.

Well, one day a neighbor gave my children an arts and crafts set and inside were glass stones and we painted cute pictures on them. One we were done we had no idea where to put them. So we went to the craft store, bought magnets and glued them to the back. My problem was solved! The kids go to see their art work on the fridge using the glass stones they made and I got a new idea.

So there you have it! The birth of my idea and the reason behind my creating these cute little magnets. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy the process around creating them.


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