Glass Pebbles

Hello Reader,

For today’s blog post I decided to feature the type of glass I use for the magnets. These are simple glass pebbles that cDSC01602 (2)an be ordered from a craft website or purchased at most stores. As you can see from the picture that accompanies the post, there are small imperfections in the stone. This usually does not cause a problem when attaching the paper. Often times the cuts are not visible and do not detract from the final result.

These glass pebbles are pretty hardy as well. With three kids in the house, magnets are dropped from time to time but we never had one actually shatter. All of the magnets I make have been tested and used in my home under many conditions. When you purchase a glass magnet from me you can be sure that your product will be durable. At this time the magnets are not waterproof but you can wipe the glass stone with a damp cloth to clean them when necessary.

Thanks for reading!


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